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The Cult Of The Nap Dress

Amanda Lanzone at BuzzFeed News

Chrissie Wedick from Indiana Owns seven nap dresses. Utah’s Brock Price has 12. My New York only has three, but there are two other postal services.

All of these women are part of the “Nap Dress Nation” online community of dedicated Instagram fashion fans. Since its launch in August 2019, the nap dress, created by founder and CEO Neil Diamond for his Hill House brand, has become one of the biggest buzzwords on Instagram.

The company has created seven styles in a variety of prints and fabrics, which have been slowly released in limited edition drops over the past two years. According to a speaker, every nap dress drop so far has produced the best sales day and week for the brand at the moment, and Hill House has seen year-over-year growth of less than a hundred in three years.

You can’t have just one. You can’t have just one. According to Hill House, its buyers own three or more possessions on average. When customers buy their basic clothes, they tell me that they buy more and more different colors each time.

Diamond told me that her vision for Napdress was to contribute to every aspect of her life, allowing her to enjoy business conversations, with friends, and then playing with her children. She said she’s aware of how men’s bodies change over time and even throughout the day, and she feels like women’s clothing allows for that.

“I wanted sweaty elastic to throw on you every day, like with a big lunch desk, you don’t have to change what you’re wearing,” he said. “You don’t have that moment when you get home and get out of tight clothes.”

These unicorns are like apparel from a brand collaborating with Netflix. BridgertonSell ​​at retail prices over $200 on sites like Poshmark and eBay.

Some people have become obsessed with prints of rare “unicorn” patterns like Princess Diana’s Beanie Baby. These unicorn-like clothes from the latest brands are currently collaborating with extraordinary writers and Netflix. Bridgerton In August, it sells for up to $350, more than $200 off retail, on sites like Poshmark and eBay.

To keep up with the growing collections, Nap Dress enthusiasts have started to cultivate online communities where they can shop a variety of shapes and sizes. In these online worlds, like the 1,400-strong “Nap Dress and Nation” Grand Millennial Facebook inspiration group, people have to wear their names: Ellie, Athena, Carolina, Catherine, Nestle, Roxy, Lucy, and Aquila. When Future Group was asked recently how much they would pay “unicorn number one,” one woman scoffed at a GIF of baby money being thrown out a window.

So how does Hill House transform this simple dress shopping frenzy? The answer is quite simple.

Hillhouse relied on the virality of word of mouth and ancient tradition, primarily…

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