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The best team with Torterra in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

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Being a Pokemon, a trainer has many different tasks and challenges.

Building the best possible team should always be a coach’s goal. The better the team of players, the more Pokemon they catch.

In this guide, players will learn about one of the best possible teams that Torterra is in charge of.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author.

What is the best team with Torterra in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?


Staraptor (Image via Pokemon)
Staraptor (Image via Pokemon)

Introduced in Generation IV, Staraptor is a normal and flying dual-type Pokemon. Starraptor is classified as a “Predator Pokemon”.

Staraptor is Starly’s final evolution. It spawns at level 34 from Staravija.

In the Generation IV Diamond Pokédex, Staraptor’s description reads:

“He is wild. He will bravely challenge enemies who are much larger.”

Staraptor has a total base stat of 476, as well as being immune to Ground and Ghost-type Pokémon. It is also resistant to Bug and Grass Pokemon and moves.

With awesome moves like Hyper Beam, Takedown, Fly and Giga Impact, Starraptor will be a great addition to any coaching team.


Houndome (Image via Pokemon)
Houndome (Image via Pokemon)

Houndome is the dark and Fire Pokémon type introduced to fans in Generation II. Crafted by Houndor at level 24.

Houndome has an amazing base stat of 500 in total. It is also resistant to Ghost, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice and Dark Pokemon.

Houndome can be found on Route 214 and Route 215 using PokeRadar. Equipping Houndome with a mobile set like Ember, Bite, Firefang and Flamethrower will really make it a one man battle.


Togekiss (Image via Pokemon)
Togekiss (Image via Pokemon)

Introduced in Generation IV, Togekiss is a Fairy and Flying-type Pokémon. Before Generation IV, it was a double normal and flying Pokemon.

Known as the “Jubilee Pokémon”, Togekiss evolved from Togetik when exposed to a glowing stone. Togekiss is also the final form of the beloved Togepi.

Togekiss has an unusual base of 545, as well as immunity to Pokémon poisons and ground and moves. With a killer set of moves like Hyper Beam, Focus Punch, Air Slash and Dream Eater, Togekiss would be a great addition to anyone’s team.


Snorlax (Pokemon Image)
Snorlax (Pokemon Image)

Introduced in Generation I, Snorlax is a favorite Pokémon of the common type. It evolves from Munchlax when associated with high friendship.

Snorlax is known as the “Dream Pokemon”. It has a total of 540 flawless base stats.

Snorlax is immune to Ghost-type Pokemon and moves. He can also learn powerful moves like Last Resort, Hammer Arm, Bite and Body Slam.


Torterra (Pokémon Image)
Torterra (Pokémon Image)

Introduced in Generation IV, Torterra is a dual-type Grass and Ground Pokémon. No other Pokemon has a combination like Torterra.

Torterra evolves from Grotle, starting at level 32. This…

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