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The best Google Pixel 6 wallet cases

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Google Pixel 6 in sorta foam on a bridge

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

A quick pick of the best Google Pixel 6 wallet cases:

  • Best Overall: Polo Wallet – View on Amazon
    • This traditional faux leather wallet case features 3 card slots and a cash pocket.
  • Rear Block Design: VRS Design – View on Amazon
    • This sturdy case with a rear compartment holds 3-4 cards and a small amount of cash.

Keeping the new Pixel 6 safe is important, but the wallet case adds another feature. Not only do cell phone wallet cases protect your phone, some are very sturdy. You can also toss your wallet with your phone and carry credit cards, IDs and some cash. Take a look at the best Pixel 6 wallet cases available today!

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