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Home » The Agent of Romance may have been a joke, but it might have teased the new upcoming “Foxtrot” Valorant map

The Agent of Romance may have been a joke, but it might have teased the new upcoming “Foxtrot” Valorant map

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The name of the incoming Valorant folder is encrypted along with the music. The sixth card in the game is called the Foxtrot.

Valorant achieved worldwide success in its first year and became one of the most watched Esports titles. However, the game’s best days are in the future with continued support, new developer content and new tournaments happening every day.

While it has strong in-game agents, weapon skins, and other cosmetic items, one of the weakest parts of the game is the lack of different maps.

Previously, the developers confirmed that a new ticket would arrive in Valorant by the end of the year, if not more.

Recent data-finding efforts have confirmed the map’s codename and music, suggesting a tropical setting.

Valorant’s sixth card is codenamed Foxtrot.

With the latest patch 2.06, Valorant has made many big changes and added the Magepunk weapon collection.

Along with its release, dataminers have found in-game Easter eggs related to the new Valorant ‘Agent of Romance’, a satirical Sims-type dating game.

Although it turned out to be an April Fool’s joke, data miners found something interesting about the next map in Valorant.

They discovered the music to load an unreleased “Foxtrot” folder.

According to the International Spelling Alphabet for Radiotelephony, known as the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, Foxtrot is used to represent the sixth letter, F, in the English dictionary.

Given that the upcoming map will be the sixth ticket in Valorant, the codename Foxtrot is quite fitting.

From the cyber city of “Tokyo from Split” to the cold Siberian “ports of the icebox”, Valorant has a small but good selection of maps, each with its own identity.

Although the location of the new map is unknown, the instruments and tone suggest a tropical setting, which would match earlier discussions about the possibility of a new map based on Papua New Guinea.

Earlier, Game Valorant director Joseph Ziegler said that the team is looking to release seven maps as soon as possible, with more maps hinted at in 2021.

However, the first two acts of Episode 2 did not introduce new maps, although Act 1 and Act 1 of Episode 1 did so with Ascent and Icebox.

Given the facts, he can’t be too optimistic about the launch of a new map with or before Act 3 Episode 2.

The only sure thing about the new “Foxtrot” map is that it’s coming to Valorant this year, probably before Episode 3.

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