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Ten Fun Facts About Android Development

Android Development

Well, who does not know what Android is and why it is so popular? In fact, if we talk about a digital product, it becomes clear that an operating system is used by all the people who have smartphones, computers and other devices that work on it. Millions of people around the world definitely know that Android is one of the solutions that allows you to stay in the information space no matter what, and the cooperation of manufacturers would make the software more interesting, modern, cool. Is. For this reason Fireart Android App Development Services They are in high demand, so they should be ordered for expanding your business and for many other purposes.

Android, as the symbol of the most popular OS

Like other operating systems, Android has become more than once – the digital product that became the target of criticism, discussion, and even jokes. In the media, you can find interesting facts about Android. Among them it is worth highlighting the following:

  1. A fact. Doesn’t everyone know who Andy Rubin is?! In fact, from the beginning, this digital product should have been implemented not in modern smartphones but in cameras of different models. Only a few people worked on the operating system, and Andy Rubin was their main leader and manager. The experts, in turn, worked and believed in their products, even though they had no idea how things would turn out in the future like a coup.
  2. Give the truth. At first, Android wasn’t Google’s digital product. Moreover, Android had nothing to do with Google. Andy Rubin’s team has been developing software in a small room and their own little “world” since 2003. And suddenly it happened that they were ready to sell their development to Samsung Corporation. The developers even managed to go to Korea to discuss the nuances with the leaders of Samsung, but then they were denied:
  • Korean plant leaders did not believe in Android.
  • Representatives did not believe Andy Rubin’s six developers, led by him, that the software was worthy of attention.
  • Between 15 and 25 Samsung representatives were present at the meeting (according to unofficial sources).
  • Google became interested in the project only after the Korean giant refused.
  • Google acquired the startup for $50 million.
  • It is true that Google was smarter and they were more interested in professional developers themselves.
  • The collaboration agreement was formalized by Larry Page (in 2005).
  • Andy became the “father” of Android.
  1. Fact three. Few people know that the versions of the OS were disguised as names of delicious sweets. True, only starting from the third version, such a name Cupcake was provided. Andy was very passionate about work, so this factor only influenced the creation of such a name. Another interesting thing about the name is that an android is a male robot, so many people say that if you use a female robot, it’s better to call it “genoid”. It means…

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