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Target Canceled ‘Shop With A Cop’ Event, So Deputies Took Matters Into Their Own Hands

For the past 10 years, police officers and children in Flagler County, Florida have relied on a unique, heartwarming aspect of the Christmas season: “Shop with a Cop,” made possible through a collaboration at Target.

The partnership has taken place in many different counties, ensuring that children who might not normally receive gifts on Christmas morning will have the opportunity to experience and create a real Christmas.

That’s how the man started, according to a letter from Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staley to Target Corp. Officials are excited to provide relief to families in need.

And then on Oct. 6, an unexpected email arrived at the sheriff’s office, canceling not only the event, but the entire partnership.

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In his letter to the corporation, Staley spoke in vague terms about how his office felt about the news, and he made it public.

“We partnered with your local Palm Coast store, selected a date and your employees are excited to participate once again,” Staley wrote.

“Then on October 6, 2021, my staff received an email that abruptly canceled the partnership. Target told us that it had ‘discontinued’ the ‘Heroes and Helpers’ program and ‘served our communities. has introduced a new exchange program, aimed at helping families find the joys in everyday life. We partner with local nonprofits across the country to provide essential items, gifts and more to families in need. Expand your impact and reach by partnering directly with organizations.

“When we notified Target staff that Flagler Sheriff’s Children’s Charities is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), the email was ignored and no response was received.”

The sense of betrayal was profound. Staley accused Target Corporation of “propaganda,” arguing that the company was only serving its remnants. He values ​​public safety partnerships, community involvement and being “a shining example of public-private partnerships.”

He also accused Target of following the “path of political convenience” and said the company was “behaving like a ‘Grinch’.”

Despite the extreme desperation of the situation, the sheriff’s office rallied and made sure that needy children in his area were not victims of Target’s seemingly sudden decision.

So the sheriff’s office did what many people frustrated with Target did: turn to Walmart, which the sheriff said welcomed them “with open arms.”


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Thanks to generous donors, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office and Walmart employees, more than 100 children can still do their Christmas shopping, each receiving $175 to buy for themselves and their families, Staley wrote. .

“When Target Corp. directed a local Palm Coast Target to cancel the Flagler Sheriff’s Children’s Charities plan shop with a police officer…

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