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Taco Bell is getting a new look

First drive-thru canteen in California.
The restaurant chain announced Tuesday that it is expanding its “Go Mobile” revamped restaurants nationwide, with double drive-throughs and smaller dining rooms, with at least 30 locations planned by the end of 2021. . The pandemic Taco Bell launched last year changed consumers’ fast food habits – possibly permanently.

The most important difference between the new and old restaurant designs is the size. Taco Bell reduces dining seating and adds a second lane dedicated to picking up orders placed in your app. Inside, customers will see more digital kiosks in addition to human staff who will still take orders.

There’s also curbside pickup at contactless tablets and “bell buttons,” masked employees outside who take customers’ orders on digital tablets. Taco Bell said 1,000 vendors will be hired for the summer.

The first remodeled restaurant in Oklahoma with “Go Mobile” features opened last year. Taco Bell said they would add more because “franchisees were excited.”

Taco Bell plans to increase the number of locations worldwide by about 35% to 10,000 restaurants this decade.

“Our restaurant portfolio is rapidly evolving, striking a critical balance between technology-driven and socially driven,” Taco Bell president and global chief operating officer Mike Grams said in a statement. Press “Even amid the challenging pandemic, we continue to thrive due to the strength of our franchise partnerships as well as the flexible formats we offer.”

Other new designs announced Thursday include its first drive-thru canteen in Danville, California. The restaurant is designed to be a destination for Taco Bell fans, as it has a play area and outdoor play area and a full bar for guests.

First drive-thru canteen in California.

Currently, about 30 of those locations are open, but adding a drive-thru at your new location shows “priority for drive-thru service during a pandemic.”

The design includes a response to changing consumer patterns since the pandemic began to demand fast food. Digital commands and drive thrus exploded in popularity in basically every country, including Chipotle (CMG), McDonald’s (MCD) I Starbucks (Sex).
Taco Bell’s parent company, Brands Yum (Yes)said in its earnings call last month that its U.S. restaurants are having “record performance” and that customer demand for the feature is “at an all-time high.”


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