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Home » Suspect in 2018 mass shooting outside New Orleans strip mall has been charged, police say

Suspect in 2018 mass shooting outside New Orleans strip mall has been charged, police say

Jamal Smith, 32, has been charged with three counts of second-degree murder and seven counts of second-degree murder in an attempted attack on July 28, 2018, New Orleans police said in a news release.

Range defines the mass of arrows, such as shooting four or more wounded people, including one shooter.

Smith was arrested with the help of a crimestoppery tip, which showed that one of the two gunmen was firing the shots. He was named as the first police escort in the attack. Currently in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, he guards weapons and narcotics.

Jackson Kershaw claims career arrows, 38; Taisha Watkins, 27; and Jeremiah Lee, 28, according to the Orleans Parish Coroner, who identified the victims at the time.

Authorities believe Smith is a suspect in the shooting, but nothing has been released about the Venice man.

“The investigation is open and violent, there are many avenues of investigation,” the police said.

Police said at the time that the shooters “turned around” in front of the crowd and fired the hammer. But at some point, they were cut down by one of the victims and set on fire by several vigilantes, police said.

One shooter is armed with a gun, the other two are hand-held. Police said they were wearing hoods and possibly masks, such as gloves and mittens.

“In addition to the intended target, two bystanders suffered fatal gunshot wounds, and accomplices were also killed by gunshots,” New Orleans police said.

CNN has reached out to the Orleans Public Defender’s Office for comment and is working to determine if Smith has retained an attorney.

Aya Elamrossy contributed to this report.

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