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Stray Kids Hyunjin makes comeback after bullying controversy, fans in tears after watching mv

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Almost four months have passed since the stray children were embroiled in the Hyunjin violence dispute. However, the star’s fans got some good news on June 26 at midnight Korea time.

Fans are extremely excited for Stray Kids Hyunjin’s comeback.

After a few months off from its schedule, the announcement image featured Stray Kids Hyeonjin was released. The video title Mixtape has also been released: 애. Fans were happy to see only the stray children named Hyunjin.

In fact, over a million tweets have mentioned stray kids Hyunjin, and most of them talk about how his comeback made his fans so happy. The video especially left fans in tears as they watch their favorite idol make a comeback after her scandal.

JYP Entertainment Statement on Stray Kids Hyunjin’s Return

Following the scandal, Hyunjin’s agency JYP Entertainment released a statement explaining how they have been fact-checking and meeting with online users who have accused Hyunjin of harassment. It was also revealed that Hyunjin met some of his former classmates and personally apologized to them.

In a statement from the agency on June 15, they revealed that the first edition of Stray Kids has been confirmed after their participation in MNET’s Kingdom. However, the release date and other details have not been revealed at this time.

The agency said, “Stray Kids are preparing to release a new song. We will let you know the release date once it is confirmed. They also did not hint at the return of Stray Kids Hyunjin.

However, instead of an official announcement, fans saw Stray Kids Hyunjin in a mixtape video, and his name was also included in the announcement of the upcoming MV. Some fans have also noticed that the font in the published announcement photo may be Hyunjin’s.

When did the controversy of violence against Stray Kids Hyunjin come out?

In February 2021, many idols and actors were accused of being bullies during their high school and high school years by network users who claimed to be their schoolmates. Stray children of Hanjan were also one of the accused during this period.

The post against Stray Kids Hyunjin was written by a member of the popular online community NetPen. In a lengthy post, the user recounted various cases in which stray children portrayed Hyunjin as a bully…

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