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Home » “Stay away from him”: Bryce Hall wishes NCT’s Mark Lee on his birthday and fans are not happy

“Stay away from him”: Bryce Hall wishes NCT’s Mark Lee on his birthday and fans are not happy

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Bryce Hall is once again facing a barrage of internet hate. K-pop star Mark Lee from boy band NCT celebrated his 22nd birthday yesterday by posting a Polaroid of himself on his Instagram account. Fans were not happy to see him, Bryce Hall, TikTok and Boxer wished the boy a happy birthday. Fans expressed their wishes for the “Make A Wish” singer under Lee’s comments section, but were unhappy that they wanted Tik Tok, 21, and Lee.

The Toronto-born joined South Korean entertainment company SM Entertainment in 2010 and joined the SM Rookies team, the first training team run by the entertainment company. He appeared on Exo 90: 2014, a reality show featuring Exo and SM Rookies. He made his debut in boy band NCT in 2016 and released his first single titled “The 7th Sense”. The rapper is now part of the boy band NCT Dream.

Why are fans furious at Bryce Hall after comments on Mark Lee’s post?

The Soy House member has been embroiled in several controversies ever since he became famous after posting content on Tik Tok. The social media platform now headlines the negative impact on the music industry, which will make K-Pop fans cautious “defenders” of K-Pop idols. Mark Lee’s fans did not want to associate him with the controversial boxer.

Several people on the internet called out Bryce Hall for “proportion” in the comments section. “Measuring” has become a popular phenomenon online in which the original comment or response to a tweet is primarily critical of the original tweet. At the time of writing, Bryce Hall’s comment on Mark Lee’s Instagram post had 864 comments and 700 likes.

One fan said:

“Leave Mark alone!”

Another said:

“go away!”

Bryce Hall was recently cited for threatening a 16-year-old boy. In the minute-long clip, which went viral on the internet, Hall is seen “challenging” a young man to a boxing match. He continued to physically threaten the boy with violence, while the youth was seen standing at a respectful distance.

Bryce Hall was also called out for attacking a tick teacher by Zach Clayton. Hall was also arrested on drug charges and allegedly got into a fight with someone after damaging his car, among several other disputes.

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