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Spotify’s controversial new desktop UI is official

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In December, Spotify has been controversial ever since. Force some paying users to test the new version Not only did those users of the desktop and web apps not sign up to be beta testers, but the interface itself was clunky and broken, making search and artist Suspicious changes were made to the pages. Spotify is rolling out updates to everyone starting today, and it looks like most of the UI elements I’ve seen from last year, for better or worse, are here to stay.

Some of today’s changes have significantly improved the app, especially when it comes to playlists. A search bar is built into each new playlist so you can add songs and artists directly to the page. Going to the new page will replace the standard “Recommended Tracks” menu, but it’s a huge improvement. Additionally, you can finally download specific tracks and albums from the desktop version of the app for offline listening instead of the previously provided playlists.

Spotify’s new playlist page with a built-in search bar.

That said, the beta version seems to be stuck with one of the more user-complaining issues. A new search tab has replaced the search bar on the left side of the app. Instead of clicking the search bar at the top of the display, you have to leave the current page and search for new music or podcasts.

Another general criticism of the beta was also included in the final release. The Artist and Track Name columns have been combined and the “Artist” column has been removed from the app altogether. The spacing of each track was adjusted to make it easier to distinguish individual items, but the changes were made permanent. Speaking of which, sorting playlists by selecting a column like “Title” or “Added Date” has been removed, at least in the latest web version.

Spotify’s new layout combines song titles and artists.

This new update brings a number of changes to the Spotify desktop app designed to give you the same experience as the latest updates to the mobile app. Some users may appreciate the ability to leave the device without changing the interface, but the new design lacks some of the power features poor music fans may want.

Spotify’s new UI is available today and will roll out to all users worldwide in the coming weeks.

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