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Home » Social media loses it over hilarious fake Trump family Christmas card

Social media loses it over hilarious fake Trump family Christmas card

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You can tell a lot about a person’s character by what people want to believe about them. In the case of Donald J. Trump, there is little he can say or do at this point that is truly surprising. While assuming the worst is often the best course of action, it also leaves us vulnerable to misinformation and fake stories. A stark reminder of this fact took to Twitter today when a fake Christmas card purportedly issued by Trump went viral on the social media website today.

The card includes all Trump family members except Barron, prompting those to believe the former president made it up on purpose or that Barron refused to attend. Given Trump’s chilly attitude toward his children, both explanations seem plausible.

More striking than the Baron’s lack is a strange image in the center of the card. Rendered in black and white, Trump stands with a shooting star that curves up and out of his head in a very, very, special way. much more Denotes a specific part of the male anatomy…

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The responses to the tweet in the photo, even those who believe it to be true, are worth watching. Clearly, Twitter users do not appreciate the former president’s embarrassment.

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