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Home » Social media erupts in fury after POLITICO tries to gin up a Kamala Harris “Bluetooth” scandal

Social media erupts in fury after POLITICO tries to gin up a Kamala Harris “Bluetooth” scandal

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It’s becoming increasingly clear that one of the biggest problems on What’s Wrong With This Country’s very, very, very long list is the obsession with click-driven ratings for the profitable media model that has taken over every newsroom and every The studio has been taken over. Important issues are ignored in favor of fluff pieces and the flames of public controversy are fanned, no matter how silly or stupid the actual “news” is.

That much was clear Tuesday morning, when Politico’s crack reporters published a piece about how Vice President Kamala Harris prefers wired earphones over Bluetooth because she believes they pose a security risk.

The newspaper has been around the vice president in recent weeks, desperately trying to stir up some kind of rivalry between Harris and potential 2024 election challenger Pete Buttigieg and running stories about dysfunction and conflict within the office. Is. The vice president’s stories were clearly intended to entertain right-wing readers, who despise Kamala Harris for being a liberal woman from California who now cares about the imaginary migrant crisis at the border. The person responsible is the only one.

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Now they’re trying to paint him as some kind of conspiracy theorist or when the truth is that bluetooth earphones Is Security Risk and VP should Hindi Use them, and more Who cares?!

Social media slammed Politico for their pathetic attempt at a hit piece:

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