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Shroud calls Valorant stream snipers “clowns” and “b***hes”

Michael “Core” Grzycek recently came down hard on some of the current snipers in Valorant, calling them “clowns” after a fiercely competitive game in Ascent.

This core is often referred to as the “FPS God” due to its excellence in every FPS game and predates Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro (CS: GO). He is currently pursuing his career as a streamer and has gained popularity in the field.

The Canadian was one of the calmer and cooler streamers on Twitch, which is probably the reason for his success in CS:GO in the past.

Having said that, Kiffin recently encountered some pesky snipers while playing Valorant. The 26-year-old won the match, but that didn’t cool him down enough. He said some hot words like “clowns” and “b***hes”.

What is stream snapping?

Stream sniping is a process in which players on the opposing team gain information from one’s live broadcast and sabotage the streamer.

What did the corps call stream snipers in Valorant?

Core Valorant was in the match, booming. As the game unfolded, it was clear to everyone that they realized the opposing team had some power snipers. They knew exactly where the Shroud was and that led to his death in those circles. Still, he tried to fight back.

After being shot in the back during the match, he shouted,

“Oh, these guys are so boring, man! You know what I’m sayin’? It’s game over. Literally, like 12-4, if you know what I’m sayin’. These jokers. “

He tried his best to defeat them with his extraordinary skills. Still the same thing continued. To this he utters the phrase, “a bunch of sniper sniper nonsense” and implores them to “just play the damn game”.

Kiffin ended the match with a message,

“Focus on yourself. You don’t study. You just grieve. Literally, you don’t learn shit. You just grieve for the king, for yourself, for your growth and for your little brain. “

Posted on April 21, 2021, 12:02 PM IST

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