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Shields in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

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Shields are great for defense in Minecraft.

Since they were introduced to Minecraft, shields have completely changed the game. They make it easier than ever to enter a battle against a mob or teammate.

Below is a guide for players to shields in Minecraft that players should keep in mind while playing.

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Everything you need to know about shields in Minecraft.

How to make a shield

Image via DigMinecraft
Image via DigMinecraft

Making Minecraft Shields is pretty easy. They need an iron piston and six planks. Wood planks can be any type of wood.

Shields can be enchanted if desired. However, it has limited possibilities when it comes to shield magic.

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How to use the shield

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

After creating a shield, players must look in their inventory for the space reserved for that item. It is located to the left of the making area and to the right of the player box.

Holding the shield in this position will move the shield to the player’s left hand. Thus, players can use tools and weapons, and the shield must be ready to be equipped at any time.

Activating the shield is easy. To do this, players must use the same buttons as if they were eating or opening chests. For example, in Minecraft Java Edition, this is the right-click button.

When to use a shield

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Shields are the best defense against mobs that can shoot at players, such as skeletons or crash.

Probably the best mob that shield is used against is flame. Fighting flames on the ground floor without a shield can be incredibly difficult due to the constant burst of fireballs. For this reason, players will always benefit from taking the shield into the net.

Shields can also help block damage from other mobs. For example, when a shield is deployed while a creeper is flying near a player, it will deal less damage than without a shield.

Overall, shields are useful Minecraft tools and players will undoubtedly benefit from their use in one way or another.

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