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Sentinels knocked out of Valorant Champions 2021 Group Stage

Perhaps the biggest problem for Valorant esports, LATAM champions KRU Esports took down Masters of Reykjavík, the first holder and winner of the Sentinels.

Valorant Champions 2021 Berlin, the culmination of the year-long Valorant Champions Tour, is really heating up. The top teams from all regions clashed for the first time during the Stage 2 Masters in Reykjavík. The Sentinels, the top NA holder, won the tournament and established themselves as the best team in the world.

While fans of the roster were confident that the team would qualify for the playoffs and give a strong challenge to any other top team, however, an unexpected problem occurred during today’s Group B decider. came when the Sentinels lost to KRU Esports.

Sentinels are out of the group stage of Valorant Champions 2021.

Sentinels They are not only the best bearers in the NA region, but they were also fan favorites to win Valorant Champions 2021. The roster can easily be considered one of the best Valorant teams in the world.

Earlier, the Sentinels lost to Team Liquid, which sent them into the Group B decider, where they faced KRU Esports. Let’s take a closer look at the match.

Map 1 (Fracture): Sentinels (13 – 7) KRU Esports

The Sentinels started the match with several defensive victories. Before the change, the score was (9 – 3), which the Sentinels led in the second half and secured the win.

Map 2 (Haven): Sentinels (11 – 13) KRU Esports

Entering the second map, while KRU Esports took the first round, Sentinels took most of the rounds in the first half and finished with the final score (8 – 4). Entering the second half, KRU came into form and completely changed the scenario, coming back and winning the second map with the result (11 – 13).

Map 1 (Split): Sentinels (11 – 13) KRU Esports

It is interesting that the third map started like the previous map, and the Sentinels took the lead in the first half with (8 – 4). And just like the previous map, KRU Esports came back to take the third map 11-13, as well as the match.

As the winner of the decisive match, KRU Esports qualified for the Playoff Sentinels, bid adieu to Valorant Champions 2021 Berlin and secured the title of Valorant Champions. The statistical analysis of the teams is as follows.

Total Sentinels Performance (Photo by
Total Sentinels Performance (Photo by
KRU Esports' Overall Performance (Photo via
KRU Esports’ Overall Performance (Photo via

This is definitely one of Valorant’s biggest obstacles globally. Although LATAM was considered an underdog region, suffice it to say, after today’s performance, the world is looking forward to KRU Esports as well as other teams from the underdog region.

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