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Home » Hands-on with Rocket League Sideswipe, a bite-sized edition that’s perfect for on-the-go play

Hands-on with Rocket League Sideswipe, a bite-sized edition that’s perfect for on-the-go play

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Last week Psyonix announced Rocket League Sideswipe, a mobile version of the popular competitive car-based soccer game. It’s currently available as a limited alpha in Australia and New Zealand, but I actually managed to install so I returned the game and reported my findings.

getting started

Thankfully, this is a simple tutorial.

Onboarding of Rocket Leg Sideswipe is very short and looks great. Touch controls are quickly introduced one at a time, and since there are only three controls, there’s not a lot to deal with. This way you can jump into the action very quickly, but it can leave some scratching their heads about the best way to control the car. Fortunately, you can always watch the tutorial again, and if you want to practice more on your own, you can even switch to freeplay or exhibition mode.

Several tutorial steps and a solo practice mode


Thumb stick to the left, boost and jump to the right.

Rocket League Sideswipe is built entirely on touch controls, which allows for a fair playing field when it comes to online matches, but the controls aren’t as precise as a gamepad, so everyone has to deal with it. has to Personally, I found the controls to work fine. When the water gets hot, sweaty hands can get stiff. Still, whenever I remember it, I used pine for the accuracy of the PC and console versions, but I didn’t feel offended.

So, even though there are only a few buttons on the screen, there are settings that allow you to reposition and resize them, so you can tweak them to find the buttons that work best for you. can do

Control configuration options.

The nice thing about Sideswipe’s simple layout for controls is that there isn’t much to fine-tune. Just like in the real version of Rocket League, you can boost, jump, and double jump, allowing players to perform smooth maneuvers like midair, flicks, and power shots on a 2D plane. You can quickly change direction using the thumbstick, and it has a built-in arrow that’s always visible, so you can quickly move through the air while maintaining the ability to change direction at any time. . So, it looks like Psyonix has actually created a mobile interpretation of Rocket League that offers something close to the high-tech limitations available in its base game. Thanks to this I can imagine how the field physics and controls of the title relate to them.

As an avid Rocket League player with about 1k hours under my belt, I was sure I would hate the side-swipe touchscreen controls and I’m glad I was wrong. So don’t ignore it because the game is a mobile title. Control rests with yourself.


Actually, Rocket League isn’t known for its graphics, but the side-swipe action looks pretty good. The ball is fine, the car looks sharp, and the effect is spontaneous and colorful. I didn’t notice any frame drops in my tests and I played the game at 60 FPS the entire time on high settings.

2v2 double in action

You can adjust these settings to better…

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