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Roborock’s Black Friday deals are here early, with massive discounts on the S7, S6 MaxV, and many more

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If you’ve waited until the holidays to pick up your new robot vacuum, your wait is over. Rubrock Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday Saves up to $290 on premium robotic vacuums, including the new S7 and S7+, self-navigating S6 MaxV, handheld H7 and more. What’s more, you can enjoy these savings starting today.

Roborock S7 and S7+


The NS Roborock S7 and S7+ is not only the newest vacuum cleaner on this list, but also the most sought-after product, selling out almost immediately after its launch. Their main claim to fame is a retractable oscillating mop head that cleans floors vigorously when needed and moves out of the way when not. They can also produce 2500Pa suction, powered by a 5200mAh battery. The best part is that this special offer lets you choose the S7 or S7+ at the lowest price.

The S7+ Bundle with Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum with Roborock Auto-Empty Dock is in limited supply. Even if stock runs out, you can still get the S7 with Auto Empty Dock by adding both items to your cart individually via the link below. However, there is no exception for Auto-Empty Dock.

Buy on Amazon:

Roborock S7+ – $719.99 ($229.99 off) Roborock S7 – $454.99 ($195 off) Roborock Auto Empty Dock – $299.99

Roborock S4 Max, S5 Max and S6 MaxV

Roborock S6 MaxV Black Friday 2021

If maximum power and performance is what you’re after, take a look at Rubrock’s Max lineup. Whether you choose the S4 Max’s combination of performance and affordability, the S5 Max’s carpet and wood floor features, or the S6 MaxV’s advanced autonomous navigation system, you can’t go wrong with either. It’s also worth noting that the S6 MaxV is the most discounted vacuum cleaner on this list.

Buy on Amazon:

Roborock S4 Max – $279.99 ($150 off) Roborock S5 Max – $379.99 ($170 off) Roborock S6 MaxV – $459.99 ($290 off)

Roborock S6 Pure, E4 Mop and H7 handhelds

Roblox H7 Black Friday 2021

For those looking to maximize cost-effectiveness, Rubrock’s cheapest list is a good place to start. The S6 Pure is a super-quiet vacuum that shoppers will love, and the E4 Mop is built for homes with hard floors. Finally, if you prefer a proven portable vacuum cleaner, the H7 has all the features and attachments you need for every corner of your home.

Buy on Amazon:

Roborock S6 Pure — $359.99 ($240 off) Roborock E4 Mop — $219.99 ($160 off) Roborock H7 — $359.99 ($140 off)

Save big on your Rubrock vacuum cleaner today with Cyber ​​Monday.

As you can imagine, this sale is actually a limited-time cyber…

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