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Home » Riot outlines the champion nerf and buff list for League of Legends patch 11.17

Riot outlines the champion nerf and buff list for League of Legends patch 11.17

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League of Legends patch 11.17 is just over a week away, and developers have already begun to outline changes for some champions in the upcoming update.

Patch 11.17 will focus more on balance changes that will try to reduce some of the top picks, while giving some quality of life changes to champions.

In addition to direct nerfs and buffs, some League of Legends champions’ sets will also be adapted. Additionally, item changes will also be on their way, and select wounds will see a significant amount of nerfs to them.

Here is the list of all champions in the update list for League of Legends patch 11.17.

Patch Preview 11.17 for League of Legends

nervous system

  • Devine Sander
  • Snake Fang
  • The end of reason

System lovers

  • Hill breaker
  • Yumo’s Ghost Blade

Champion nerves

  • The graves
  • Irelia
  • can (blue)
  • Leona
  • See
  • Z

Along with the panic over his primary Divine Cinder item, Vigo will also receive changes to his kit as Wright will want to make him a little less effective in both mid lane and jungle.

Vigo’s pick rate in the professional game League of Legends is incredibly high and he often gets out of control after an early lead, as Devine Cinder’s cover not only makes him a tank, but also makes him incredibly tanky. Also allows damage.

Champion fans

  • echo
  • Evelyn
  • Lysander
  • Nami
  • Chest
  • Timo
  • Zaya

Fans of Lysandra have been coming for a long time, as Season 11 significantly improved her ability in the mid lane. The revision of League of Legends items this season has affected how well he manages on track and during teamfights in late games.

Compared to some of the other meta choices like Syndra, Sylas and Lee Sin, Lisandra doesn’t bring much to the table other than some tight crowd control.

Champion adjustments

  • Akshan
  • Mom
  • Gangplunk
  • Lucian
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