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Right-Wing Extremists Set Up A Planning Meeting Ahead Of The Capitol Riot In January

Federal prosecutors have charged 14 Guardsmen Oath of Office members who were enrolled in the New Jersey case, saying they were in contact with the group’s founder, Stewart Rhodes, who he described on July 6 as “a group of community groups.” “More than one beloved political leader”. , then east of Pennsylvania.

According to a federal criminal complaint filed in a District of Columbia court, James Brehany also pushed Rhodes, explaining that the message at the meeting was “our last chance to organize before the show. Because the leaders of the meeting here Will not be.

With the complaint sealed on Thursday, he reached out to Master Brihane Rhodes on July 21 to invite him to a meeting in Quarryville, Pennsylvania, this time forwarded to July 3 without a name. The third part of the message from Rhodes said: “This is ours today. We get more patriotic commas than other groups, share rally shows, etc.” Cell phones are not allowed in the assembly, Brehni added, adding that no one could record the nature of the conferences, prosecutors wrote in their complaint.

Brehni and Text Rhodes rented to someone who notified the building for the meeting, but each is different, the complaint said. If As, which suggests there is more cooperation between the anti-government group than previously revealed, and the Oath Keepers force has worked with other organizations.

Brehni, who lives in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, was arrested Thursday and charged with 20 years in prison for the felony count of building, forcible entry and official action. Will be. And I didn’t get to comment. For a sick man, as long as the spirit is in form, in the court of the federation, or he, however, should not do so.

On December 6, according to the prosecutor’s brief, and happily entered the capital, “text messages sent at one point threatened to burn down Gain Entry, but only for a week and then ask officers about his role.” Lying said: ‘I do not want, and pushed in the middle of tenderness. “

Surveillance camera video footage showed Brehni and others entering the building and prosecutors, five days after the Capitol riots, and deleted the entire Facebook account of the phone from their witness, whose screen name Used on ‘Sams Ever’.

In a June 6 message, Birhini wrote, “We broke the door of glory!” Prosecutors allege that a subsequent message read, “1 have to clean up the chats.

In April, an FBI search warrant examined Facebook and deleted content in the case, including photos of Brehni at the Capitol. Prosecutors said that hours before Capitol opened, Brehney joined a group chat with Rhodes’ mother, 600:6 Jan. 21, “encrypted service size for another in one place,” Seamus. Brehney was a The group chat was deleted with content that appeared to be from a phone, and yet,…

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