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Home » RiceGum gets annhilated after he vows to “smack the f**k out of HasanAbi” on live stream

RiceGum gets annhilated after he vows to “smack the f**k out of HasanAbi” on live stream

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During a recent live broadcast, Brian “Risegum” Lee threatened to physically harm Hassan “Hasan Abi” Pyker, which resulted in a hilarious response from the latter.

The feud started when Hassan Abiy, “Sudapoppan” Morris, Nick “Nampulol” Polum commented on Aidan Ross’ recent rise in popularity during a version of Ludwig Agrin’s “Newlyweds” show.

Ludwig advised that Aidan Ross exploded when he kissed Internet personality “Korina Koff” twice, a comment Ross considered disrespectful. Hasan Abi also commented on Eden Ross and his friends, including Raisgum.

Hassan Abi claimed that the group only started YouTube because “they couldn’t make friends”. This led Raisgum to threaten to “kill” him, a comment Hassan Abi later mocked during a live broadcast.

Hasan Abi cooked the rice gum after threatening to “steal” it.

His first comments about Ludwig and Eden Ross can be seen in the video below.

During the June 2 episode, Rice Gum was reviewing clips of Hassan Abi in which she talked about Ross. When he saw Hassan Abi comment that Eden Ross and his friends started YouTube careers “just because they couldn’t make friends,” he was clearly furious. Rice Gum said the following:

Man, I made this shit so I could fuck, man, you’re as stupid as man. I made my YouTube because I wanted to make money, bro. What do you not understand? I wanted to pull my parents, I wanted to buy clothes, I didn’t want to work, I didn’t want to go to college, I wanted to have really beautiful girls around me. It wasn’t because I didn’t have friends. You are as stupid as the brat brother. “

As can be seen, Rice Gum claimed that he was on the basketball team, so ten of his teammates were his friends. He added that he would “take a swipe at Hassan Abi” for his comments.

However, when Hasan finally found the rice gum clip, he burst out laughing!

“Wait, Rice Gum says he’s going to fuck me, bro?” Wait, wait! Fuck 5 8”. Wait, how heavy is that? Would you go to this man? “

Hassan Abi couldn’t help but laugh hysterically, while his Twitch chat finally agreed.

It should be noted that since Ludwig and Eden Ross fiction. Richard “FaZe Banks” Bengston called Ludwig and forced him to speak with Adina Ross. The two eventually had a healthy argument, as Aidan Ross claimed he had nothing but “respect for Ludwig and his content-creating friends”.

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