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Home » “Red Light, Green Light”: Squid Game’s Lee Yoo Mi channels the giant murderous doll this Halloween

“Red Light, Green Light”: Squid Game’s Lee Yoo Mi channels the giant murderous doll this Halloween

Halloween season is here, and Squid game Actor Lee Yu Mi may have the best outfit ever.

Netflix Squid game Probably the biggest show in the world right now. The Korean show has received worldwide acclaim. Squid gameIts success has resulted in a surprising amount of parodies as well as pirated adaptations.

History Squid gameVery popular, can be expected to be popular on October 31st. From guards in pink suits to elegant VIPs, every scene has a possible outfit Squid game.

Another year, another Halloween costume – sae-byeok squid game

With the rest of the world unleashing their cosplay skills, Squid game Actress Lee Yu Mi took the opportunity to show off her skills.

Lee Umi from the squid game became a giant doll this Halloween.

Lee Yoo Mi played the memorable, albeit brief, role of Ji Young. The actor’s sizzling chemistry and natural friendship with Jung Ho Yeon Sae Byeok was, for some viewers, the best part of the show. Lee Yoo Mi’s striking visuals and uncanny resemblance to the beloved late K-Pop star Sully also contributed to the actor’s popularity.

I’ve tweeted this before, but am I the only one who sees Sully in Jiyong at first sight from Squid Game? Kind of reminded me of Sally when I first saw her

Monitoring Squid Game’After this announcement, Li Yumi became famous overnight. The talented star’s followers have grown from 43,000 to 408,000 and now has nearly 7 million followers on Instagram. The pictures on her profile are just as charming as the ones on screen, and fans can’t get enough of her.

While it is the most popular. Squid game While the costume will certainly be the green tracksuit worn by the participants, Lee Umi decided to go off the beaten track. Instead of dressing up as his fictional character on screen Ji Young, he took on another “character” no less different, the killer doll from the first episode!

In a post on Instagram on October 29, Li Yumi revealed her Halloween costume, which is a perfect gesture of a giant doll of Red Light, Green Light, which is meant for cute pigs.

U Squid game, the doll reciprocates her cunning with multiple murders of her own. In charge of playing from childhood, red light, green light, participants must try their best to reach the goal without being caught by the doll. But, as the participants learn, the punishment for catching doesn’t just end Squid gamebut also extermination from life, bullet by bullet.

Scary doll, which has become synonymous with Squid game She is currently dressed in a bright yellow and orange outfit. …

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