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Reason why WWE banned Ric Flair from walking up steps on TV

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Ric Flair discovered that WWE would not allow him to climb the ringside stairs during his final televised appearance for the company.

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer suffered from a variety of medical conditions, including kidney failure, respiratory and heart problems, and pneumonia. In 2017, Flair’s family members were told he had only a 20 percent chance of survival and that he had slipped into a medically induced coma.

Speaking on the podcast Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions, Ric Flair talked about his recent performance with Andrade El Idol in AAA. He also commented on the WWE’s refusal to let him climb the stairs in the event of ill health on television.

“They [AAA] Let me get in the ring,” Flair said. “WWE won’t even let me go up the stairs because of liability. I can’t. I can stand in the ring, but, Renee, it’s like I said, either I’m in the ring or Wendy’s. I want to die on top. [Flair’s wife]… A or B. Which is the better way? What do I earn for a living or what do I love? Wow! “

Ric Flair left WWE on August 3, 2021 after requesting his dismissal from the company.

He thanked Vince McMahon and Triple H during a speech at NWA 73 on Sunday.

Ric Flair isn’t the only WWE legend to be considered inactive.

In 2012, Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack at the commentary table shortly after competing in a match on WWE RAW.

He explained at the Jerry Lawler 2019 Show that WWE refused to clear him even while fighting for other promotions.

“However, to this day, people in WWE still feel that is not the case. [Lawler being cleared to wrestle]Lawler said. “They put me on a list of no touching and stuff like that. We’ve already talked about it on the podcast. The doctors told Lauren. [Lawler’s partner], ‘We cannot allow him to return to the ring because he owes the company.’ ‘

Ric Flair also confirmed to Renee Paquette that rumors of him returning for a second match at the age of 72 were false. However, he is still willing to work for several companies outside of WWE, including AEW.

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