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Quick data from Bernard Kerik

Think: Donald Carrick, machinist

the sea: Patricia Bailey.

Marriages: Hala (Nausea) Carrick (1998-present); Jacqueline Lerena (1983-1992, divorced); Linda Hales (1978-1983, divorced)

Children: With Halla Carrick: Celine, Angelina; With Jacqueline Lerena: Joseph

Education: Empire State College, State University of New York, BS, 2002

Military Services: US Army, 1974-1977

Other facts

Carrick’s mother left the family when he was a child. Years later, Carrick discovered she was a prostitute who could be killed.

He served as head of security at the Royal Hospital in Saudi Arabia.

He has a black belt in karate.


1986 – He joins the New York City Police Department.

1993 – He works as a chauffeur and bodyguard for Rudy Giuliani during Giuliani’s mayoral campaign in 1993.

1994 He joins the New York City Department of Corrections.

1998-2000Commissioner of the New York City Department of Corrections.

21 August 2000 – 31 December 2001He serves as the New York City Police Commissioner.

2002 – He joins the board of Teaser International.

2003 – At the request of President George W. Bush, traveled to Iraq to help form a new Iraqi police force.

December 3, 2004 – Bush appointed Carrick as secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

December 10, 2004He withdraws his nomination due to possible tax violations and the questionable immigration status of a former housekeeper.

December 22, 2004 – He announced his resignation as senior vice president of Giuliani Partners.

2005 – Establishes Carrick Group LLC, a crisis and risk management consulting firm.

June 30, 2006 – He pleaded guilty to deontological violations related to gifts he received while leading the Department of Corrections. Carrick has been fined for accepting $165,000 in gifts from a construction company.

November 9, 2007 – Carrick is accused of federal corruption. He pleaded not guilty to 16 charges, including conspiracy, tax fraud and making false statements. He was released on $500,000 bail and surrendered his passport and firearm.

December 29, 2008 – He pleaded not guilty to the revised indictment, which includes two new charges of aiding and abetting the filing of false statements and making false statements when applying for a home loan.

May 26, 2009 – Carrick is accused of making false statements to White House officials who were evaluating him for the DHS role.

20 October 2009 – Carrick has been jailed for contempt for leaking classified evidence.

November 5, 2009 – He pleaded guilty to eight counts of aggravated criminal mischief, including tax fraud and lying to White House officials.
February 18, 2010 – Sentenced to 48 months imprisonment.

October 2012 – He testified at the perjury trial of Frank and Peter DiTomaso, contractors accused of lying during a 2006 grand jury investigation into renovation work on Carrick’s apartment. Frank DiTomaso was later found not guilty, while his brother was found guilty of two counts…

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