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Home » Purple Heart Recipient Locked out of Facebook for Statement on Courage Has Been Reinstated

Purple Heart Recipient Locked out of Facebook for Statement on Courage Has Been Reinstated

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Facebook is once again the focus of censorship allegations after a Republican candidate blew the social media giant’s horn.

Teddy Daniels, who seeks to represent President Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, in Congress was chastised last month for posting an inspirational, patriotic comment on his Facebook page.

In a Just News thread, on November 9, Daniels posted, “The power of the bad lives in the cowardice of the good.”

Last week, after Facebook took more than a month to clarify any twists and turns and the uncertain depth of the twists, the hammer fell.

It didn’t take long for Daniels to post her thoughts on the matter Twitter. “This is a big lie @RepLizCheney. Instead of prosecuting patriots, you should … look at the 2020 election fraud,” part of the tweet read.

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On Wednesday, Daniels’ Facebook administrator posted a warning on the receiving Facebook page.

Facebook said the comment was hateful and insulting.

Facebook’s intervention led to Daniels being banned from posting on the page, and Wednesday’s gun raffle was also delayed.

Can we stop Facebook from silencing conservatives?

“It just shows they’re afraid to stand up to a really good person,” he tweeted.

In a follow-up note, he said that even though he returned to his page, the comment was not allowed to be viewed again.

“What I did was disagree with their decision,” he said, according to Just the News. “It’s an 18-hour ban. If it wasn’t for election interference through social media platforms, I don’t know what it would be.


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Daniels is a Purple Heart veteran and former law enforcement official, according to the campaign website. On his website, he mentioned his strong support for former President Donald Trump.

“President Biden and the Democrats in Congress spend all their time harping on radical left-wing policies and do nothing about the important issues people face every day. I’m proud to fight for President Trump, who kept his promises and made America safer and richer,” he wrote on his website.

And he still posts what he believes.

“If you want to take my…

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