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‘Prime Suspect’ In Joliet Township Mass Shooting Arrested, Joskar Sebastian Ramos Faces Unrelated Gun Charges

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Chicago (CBS) Authorities in Wiley County have identified a man they say is the “primary suspect” in a mass shooting in Joliet Township that left two people dead and more than a dozen injured on Halloween.

Joskar Sebastian Ramos, 18, of Joliet, still faces no charges in connection with Sunday’s shooting in the backyard of a home at 1018 E. Jackson St. in Joliet Township, but was arrested on an active warrant that There was a time when he was a minor, according to Will. County Sheriff’s Office.

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Joskar Sebastian Ramos, 18, is widely considered the “prime suspect” in the shooting, which killed two people and injured more than a dozen in Joliet Township, and is among the gun suspects arrested. has gone (Credit: County Sheriff’s)

Ramos is charged with unlawful use of a weapon, obstruction of justice and unlawful possession of a weapon, and is being held on $1 million bond.

Sheriff’s officials said they are working with the Wiley County Sheriff’s Office to secure charges in Sunday’s mass shooting.

Around 12:39 a.m. Sunday morning, Will County Sheriff’s Sgt. Will heard 10 to 12 gunshots while on patrol in the area of ​​Jackson and Walnut roads, officials said. A sergeant arrived at the scene and saw about 100 people fleeing the area, police said.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to 1018 E. Jackson St. A party was found in the backyard and there was a shooting near the DJ booth that was set up in the backyard. According to initial estimates, around 200 people are attending the party.

The two people killed Monday were Holly Matthews and Jonathan Ceballos, both 22, of Ioliet. One man suffered a gunshot wound, according to the Wiley County Coroner’s Office.

The day after the shooting, Matthews’ fiance, Adam Gregorich; He contacted CBS 2 asking for help seeking justice.

“Can you tell me something’s going to happen,” said a dinner party named Nathan, who was friends with Ceballo. “I never thought my friend would die.”

“We were the best when we were together,” he said.

Grigorich did not include the CBS2 videos of her and Matthew in their favorite activity at the same time.

He cherishes these moments, waiting for the call he knows will never come.

“I think she’s going to wake up like, ‘I’m fine,'” she said

His fiancee, who was studying to be an arborist, was one of two people killed over Halloween weekend in Joliet Township. Matthews and Jonathan Ceballos were both 22 years old. Both victims face a nightmare dinner party.

Sister Emilia Grigorich was one of Matthew’s best friends and that night a mass shooting left more than 12 people injured.

“We didn’t stay long. We were gone,” he said.

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About 200 people attended the show, the Wiley County Sheriff’s Office said. most people…

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