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Home » Previously-Undefeated Mountain Biker Savages Woke Left After Biological Male Steals Her Achievement

Previously-Undefeated Mountain Biker Savages Woke Left After Biological Male Steals Her Achievement

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All I knew was that I fell asleep and when I woke up this transgender frenzy would be over and sanity would be intact.

The fight for transgender rights is clearly getting very painful. One thing for these individuals to stand up against discrimination in education and employment, but we need to draw the line when it comes to women’s sports.

Every day, we hear a new story about a female athlete who lost her career, a title or a scholarship to a man who identifies as a woman. This new trend has been influenced by sports competitions from the high school level to the Olympic Games.

While Madoka excels in competitions against other real men, transgender people gain respect in competitions with women. No matter how many testosterone-suppressing drugs a man takes, he will always be better off with a woman.

At this rate, women’s sports will be a charming monument, a Woketopia left behind by the crash that worked so hard to create. It will have two types: Masculine and Trans.

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Trump accused officials of “doing everything possible” to “hide the truth” from “elections” to “elections”.

Former female mountain bike champion Leah Schneeberger spoke to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Friday about losing the top spot to a transgender competitor. His unspoken despair and sadness were evident to all.

Schneeberger, who lives in Wisconsin and has competed in cycling events throughout the Midwest for years, told Ingraham, “Women are missing out on thousands of dollars in prize money, podium places. It’s happening. Right now. “

‘It’s incredibly unfair that this is happening.’

“People are afraid to speak up,” Ingraham said. “I bet if you did a secret poll — anonymously — I bet the poll is 90 percent, at least, 90 percent of the respondents are against it. Maybe 98 percent of women are against it. against. But they’re scaring everybody — they’re afraid of repeal, right?”

“Okay,” Schneeberger replied. “I always get private messages from women and they’re afraid to say anything. They’re afraid they’ll lose their jobs, they’ll lose their sponsorship, they’ll lose their place on teams.

“Everyone silences these women. They’re afraid of being bullied and called names online. And that’s just not right. They’re forced to stand on a platform and smile and act like nobody’s business. It’s okay to take unfair advantage of.”

“We finally had an opportunity to financially benefit from being successful in sports and now it’s slipped away,” Schneeberger added.


Is there a house? A truly confused-looking Biden is far from handlers.

Retired NFL player Brett Favre has previously come out against transgender people participating in women’s sports, Ingraham said. She highlighted a comment in a conversation about Laurel Hubbard, a New Zealand weightlifter and biographer, who will compete as a woman in the Olympics.

The Hill quoted Favre’s response: “The man . . .

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