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Pokemon GO: How to evolve Magneton into Magnezone

Magnezone, an Electric/Steel Pokemon that looks strangely like a UFO, is the final evolution of Magnemite and requires specific evolutions from Magneton in Pokemon GO.

Most Pokemon in Pokemon GO evolve only by feeding them a certain number of candies. This also applies to Magneton evolving into Magnezon, but there is this additional hook.

To transform a Magneton into a Magnizone, Trainers must feed their Magneton 100 candies while within range of a Pokestop with an active Magnetic Lure Module attached to it. Without this Lure module, Magneton is unable to progress further in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO: Magnezone’s effectiveness in battle

Magneson is significantly more powerful than Magneton (Image by Niantic)
Magneson is significantly more powerful than Magneton (Image by Niantic)

In battle Magnezone has a huge advantage in both Pokemon and Pokemon GO. In particular, Magni Zone has 12 elemental resistances while only having three weaknesses (although it is twice as weak to ground-type moves). If coaches put him in advantageous types, he can win many grueling fights while knocking out solid DPS.

While it doesn’t shine as well against target opponents in Pokemon GO PvP, Magnezone can behave well in certain situations. If the enemy is vulnerable, Magnezone can outmaneuver his opponent thanks to his stats and resistance.

Magnezone won’t make anyone happy with his moves, but he plays an important role in both Grand and Ultra leagues as a close match against Nemet spades.

Using moves like Spark, Charge Beam, Wild Charge, and Mirror Shot, Magnezone can deal reliable damage (although it doesn’t have the best attack stats), giving these moves a single attack bonus (STAB). Thanks for getting. According to its steel.Electric typing.

Magnezone also has a better set of moves that can be learned than Magneton, making the evolution worth the effort. He can nail Pokemon raid heads with attacks that are weak to his moves or lure away opponent’s shields in PvP thanks to the utility of Mirror Shot.

Clearly, by evolving their Magneton using candies and a magnetic mother module, Pokemon GO trainers get much better Pokemon that are capable of doing little and great in battle. He won’t win every battle, but if Magnezone finds himself in a favorable position at the start of a Pokemon battle, he can be a tough opponent to knock out of the battlefield.

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