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Pokemon GO: Best movesets for West Sea Shellos and Gastrodon

The latest Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO does a great service for every trainer, as Shiloh and his evolution can be a huge asset to any team.

Once Shalos evolves into Gastrodon, becomes an exceptionally defensive Pokemon. This is because grass-type moves are the only attacks that deal the most effective damage to Gastrodon, as it is both a water and ground type.

Its 244 endurance base also helps the Department of Defense. In addition, Gastroden also gets plenty of moves that can deal quick damage to opponents.

Best Tricks for Generation IV Spotlight Pokemon.

Although the Spotlight Hour is only for West Seas Shallows, statistically there is no difference between the two versions. They both have the same stats and learn the same moves. The only difference is that the shells in the Western Sea are pink, while their identical navy is blue.

Both Shelos and Gastrodon choose between midslip and invisible power for their quick moves. In most cases clay slapping is the way to go for you. It gets all important bonuses for a single attack type and hits very hard with 12.9 DPS.

Given this, there is one case where latent energy may be preferred: if the type of power supply is water. As such, Gastrodon can be a very useful water attacker during raids, especially against Rock and Rock Fire Department Pokemon.

Hidden Power will be preferred over Mid Sleep here as it is fast and charges 10 energy per second.

Shelos gets a bunch of weak charge moves to choose from. His strongest move is Water Pulse, but even he only has 70 base power. This is a move that every Shelos must learn, as is the Gastroden Water-type Charge Displacement.

Another move that Shelos should combine with Water Plus is the Mud Bomb. 55 damage will not cause an indentation in the Pokemon, but will accumulate if Shilos can farm energy efficiently. Having said that, this move is stronger than Body Slam, which lacks STAB and is therefore obsolete.

While Shiloh gets a big jump in power when he evolves into Gastrodon, he doesn’t get a lot of new moves. It essentially gains an upgraded Earth-type move in Earth energy. It’s still a great tool for the Gastrodon kit, as 100 base power is a huge price to charge for only 50 energy.

Some coaches may be tempted to teach Gastroden to “earthquake” as a legacy move. Although this is a more powerful move, coaches will still want to maintain ground strength.

Elite TMs are a valuable resource, and it’s not worth spending them on a slightly stronger move from the field. It’s smarter to save these TMs for other Pokemon.

Edited by Sejo Samuel Paul.

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