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Pokemon GO: Best counters to use against Mawile

Pokemon GO trainers will do well to catch Mawile October, as it is the head of the Tier 3 Raid.

Hailing from the Hoenn region, Mawile was an exclusive Pokémon Ruby. He can be found in the Cave of Origins, Kyogre’s resting place. Mawile has access to many different moves (Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Play Roof, etc.) that he can choose from depending on the Pokemon he wants to check out.

In Pokemon GO, Pokemon are definitely catchable.

Which Pokemon can beat this Tier 3 raid boss?

The good news for coaches looking to fight Mawile in Raids is that, statistically, there’s nothing to brag about. There are only 145 defenses, which means they will be easily damaged. He also doesn’t have a lot of attack stats, so he should do negligible damage unless Mawile has an advantage in type.

According to Sylph Road, this Raid boss can easily be defeated with just one armor. So as long as they have a strong counter, they can defeat this attack quickly.

The combination of Mawile’s Steel and Villa doesn’t have too many weaknesses. However, there is one shiny counter: fire types. Resisting Iron Iron, Play Ruff, Ice Fang, and Fire Fang, Fire-type Pokemon basically cover all of Mawile’s essentials.

Since Mawile is weak in shooting, it shouldn’t take long for him to figure out who his best opponent will be. Mawile Raidu’s best counter is, of course, Mega Charizard Y. With its ridiculously high attack stats and Fire Spin / Blast Burn combination, Mega Charizard Y knocked out Mawile in 83 seconds.

Given that, there are definitely other fire types that can defeat Mawile faster. Reshiram, Mega Houndoum and Moltres destroy Mawile. Coaches who don’t have a lot of legendaries or mega evolutions can still use Darmanitan, Blaziken and Chandelure to make quick work of this Raid boss.

Mawile being a steel type, ground Pokemon also have good games against it. Since Mawile knows Ice Fang, some ground-type Pokemon may still die in this battle. For example, Landorus-T is twice as weak to ice, so it has to deal enough damage to defeat Mawile before it dies alone. The same goes for Flygon and Garchomp.

Also, even though there is no advantage in type, Mega Ganger is still a top 40 counter due to its sheer power. Mega Ganger easily owns the Mega Tire Ride this month, so the fight in Mawile will be the perfect opportunity to make the most of it.

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