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Pixel Buds update adds a handy widget for quick access to settings

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Google’s Pixel Buds are great, even if they’re not exactly the best or most feature-rich on the market. The NS second-generation Pixel Buds make the completely wireless Pixel Buds A series affordable. All these models integrate seamlessly with Google apps and services to bring Google Assistant closer to your ears. If you need to quickly adjust settings on your Pixel Buds, accessing the menu is now easier than ever.

In the latest updated version 1.0.3909 of the Pixel Buds app, Google has updated the Pixel Buds (Via 9to5Google). To find the widget, just update the app, go to your phone’s widgets panel and search for “Pixel Buds.” From there, just place it on your home screen and tap Buds.

Pixel Buds widget for settings. Image credit: 9to5Google

Previously, different devices had different ways of accessing Pixel Buds settings. If you have a non-Pixel Android phone and are using the Pixel Buds app, the app works as a companion app, so tapping the app was enough to get you to the settings. But it’s different in Pixels. All of these features are integrated into their device settings, so users need to go to the Settings app, tap on Connected Devices, and then tap the gear icon next to the Pixel Buds. It’s clear why Pixel users want this widget. Current processes can be more annoying than helpful.

Tapping the widget takes you directly to the Pixel Buds’ settings, where you can perform firmware updates, adjust gestures, adjust Assistant settings, and more. You can download the update now from the Google Play Store.

Google Pixel Buds
Google Pixel Buds

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