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Pixel 6 exclusives: Every unique feature on Google’s new phones

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are a step up from all previous Pixel phones. In addition to packing flagship-level specs and an impressive price tag, Google relies on tight hardware and software integration for these devices to deliver a host of exclusive new features. Some of these can be considered special effects, while others are really useful and will add to your daily usage. These features also set the Pixel 6 apart from other Android devices in the market. Because you can’t experience it on other devices.

Here’s a list of all the exclusive features you’ll get on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

1. The Magic Purifier

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Magic Eraser This is a key feature of Google Pixel 6 that Google advertises a lot. This feature works exactly like its name. Magically erase unwanted content from your photos. This way you can get rid of annoying people in the frame while taking selfies, or you can remove unwanted objects from great landscape photos.

Magic Eraser is a great feature to play with. While we’ve seen similar implementations before, it looks like you can easily and cleanly remove objects from your photos. Once you start using Magic Eraser, it should become a regular part of your Pixel post-processing workflow, even if you don’t use it often.

2. Remove face blur.

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Another great Pixel 6-only camera feature is face blur removal, which relies on Google’s machine learning capabilities to ensure that the faces of its captured subjects are always sharp. It’s all too common for smartphone cameras to capture blurry faces of subjects when they’re moving too fast.

Google solves this problem by taking images from both the Pixel 6’s main camera and ultra-wide camera and stitching them together. This only happens when the phone determines that the subject you’re shooting is moving too fast in poor lighting conditions that could cause motion blur. Due to the difference in image quality between the two cameras, Google only uses face data from the ultra-wide camera and combines it with images captured by the Pixel’s 50MP main camera.

3. Motion camera function

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Motion mode in the Google Pixel 6 camera app lets you take motion photos in two styles: action pan and long exposure. Taking long exposure photos has always been possible on any Android smartphone that has a pro camera mode, but the Pixel 6 series’ motion mode makes the whole process a breeze.

Action Pan allows you to capture images that are sharp with the subject in focus and the background completely blurred. You can capture a still shot or follow a subject by pressing the shutter button and panning the phone.

Long exposure photos usually require a tripod, but the Pixel 6 allows you to take these photos handheld. It is possible…

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