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Philips Hue reveals new gradient tubes, brighter bulbs, and a new ceiling light

IFA might not be this year, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to see new announcements from our favorite gadget makers. If you’ve been waiting to get a new smart light in your home, Philips can help. With everything from light tubes and floor lamps to candles and ceiling lights, this year’s lineup has something for everyone.

These Hue products have two themes: Glow and Gradient. We already got our hands on some of these products earlier this summer. Ambient gradient lighting strip and a few 1,100 lumen bulbs. Both are included in today’s announcements, but they’re just scratching the surface of Philips’ 2021 lineup.

The new series of gradient lights follows on from last year’s Hue Play strip. In addition to leaky light strips, the company has a new Hue Play gradient light tube. Designed to be placed above or below your TV, it combines multiple colors in one package. Signe’s floor and table lamps have also been upgraded with gradient lighting, perfect for blending in with your home’s background without drawing attention away from their colorful design.

Ambiance Gradient Light Strips start at $70 for 1m extensions, and Gradient Tubes will cost $180 for the smaller model and $200 for the larger model when they hit store shelves on January 18. The upgraded sign lamps are available starting October 12, priced at $200 for table models and $300 for floor lamps.

For those who want to go with basic lighting instead, Philips’ new Hue bulbs all offer a boost in brightness, offering models capable of 1,100 lumens or 1,600 lumens of light output, respectively. Available in white, white ambient and white ambient options, you can find the light that’s right for you. These bright bulbs start at $15 and go up to $60 for the 1,600-lumen white and color ambience variants. The 1,100 lumen version is available starting today, and the 1,600 lumen version will go on sale on October 12.

Finally, Philips has announced several brand new products in its lineup. The first is a new white filament candle bulb similar to the current E12 model but with a new E14 base. Starting today, starting at $30. Meanwhile, a new Infuse ceiling light will be launched in January, finally fulfilling the dream of whole-home Hue lighting. It will cost $30 when it launches next year.

A new set of dynamic lighting scenes has been released with new lighting equipment. Tint app. This new mode lasts all day, with subtle changes in brightness and color temperature as the sun moves. A new Spotify sync was also announced today for release this fall.

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