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Home » Peacock’s One of Us Is Lying updates The Breakfast Club with a murderous twist

Peacock’s One of Us Is Lying updates The Breakfast Club with a murderous twist

NBC Universal is expanding its humble streaming service. Peacock as original material. The latest in the new series one of us lies film, which is set to be released this week, shows teenagers uniting in a murder case as they try to hide their secrets and reveal their identities.

Peacock has certainly covered a base and has released prestige shows in a variety of genres in an effort to compete with major services like: Netflix, Amazon, and HBO Max. Join major titles like One of Us Lies by Brave New World, Doctor Death, The Missing Symbol, AP Bio, The Departure, The Amber Ruffin Show and more.

Peacock shared the first three episodes of One of Us Lying. android permission Ahead of the series premiere on October 7

Here’s what we thought.

The peacock logo is large

A peacock

NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service offers live news and sports, as well as many great movies and TV shows for on-demand streaming. Best of all, you can watch tons of content for free or with a paid subscription starting at $4.99 per month.

What is one of us lies?

One of us is lying on a peacock.

On the day they enter high school, five unfortunate seniors are already in detention.

Among them is the malicious writer Simon, who runs a gossip blog. He ran this blog publicly to the outrage of his classmates. If he dies under questionable circumstances, his reputation complicates matters. The only witness? Four students were detained along with him. And it doesn’t take long for them to become the prime suspect.

When Simon’s death is revealed, it turns out that the four had a chance. But the series also reveals that each of them has complicated motives. Simon was preparing a series of major releases about it. But no one knew exactly who the target was. His classmates uncover these secrets as Simon tries to avoid suspicions about them.

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Karen M. McManus, One of Us Is Lying combines teenage drama with a tense mini-murder mystery.

The eight-episode season airs over three weeks on Thursdays, with episode three on October 7, episode three on October 14, and the final two episodes on October 21.

Everything old is new again

One of us is lying on a peacock.

One of us is lying is not a subtle indicator.

The Breakfast Club is the most obvious point of reference, as director John Hughes clearly mentions in the first episode. The basic format, which brings together a number of high school archetypes including athletes, geeks, hot girls, rebels and outsiders, is a direct nod to the genre-defining teen classics with great equanimity.

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But the whole story is just a nod to the CW’s original Gossip Girl and Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why , plus I Know What You Did last summer.

One of us is lying affects retail.

By giving us the identity of the creators of About That, the show circumvents an important part of Gossip Girl’s core: Gossip Girl, which similarly broadcasts dirty high school…

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