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Home » Passengers gasp as Southwest Airlines pilot insults President Biden on flight PA system

Passengers gasp as Southwest Airlines pilot insults President Biden on flight PA system

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Passengers aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Houston to Albuquerque tomorrow morning can expect the flight crew to greet them with their signature quip, making standard in-flight announcements about seat belts and emergency locations. Get out.

What they probably didn’t expect was the thinly veiled insult to President Biden coming from the plane’s pilot.

The phrase used by the unknown pilot may seem innocuous or counterintuitive to those not paying attention to the day-to-day cultural developments in the world of MAGA.

Signing off his in-flight greetings to passengers with the phrase “Come on, Brandon,” the Southwest pilot made the flight’s passengers more politically aware when they heard that their flight attendant had engaged in a prohibited partisan comment. . .

For those of you who haven’t heard of the latest craze to enter right-wing circles, the phrase “let’s go, Brandon” is the latest terrifying code for what it really means. Want is an uncensored alternative. To Humble Company: “[email protected]%k Joe Biden.

The way a phrase becomes a coded version of a profanity is extraordinarily specific, making it a lexicographer’s dream.

Stand in line Associated Press “Let’s go, Brandon” account of the origin of the alternative:

“It started with a NASCAR race at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama on Oct. 2. Brandon Brown, a 28-year-old driver, won his first Xfinity Series and was interviewed by an NBC sports reporter. Something was singing behind him. was hard to understand at first. The reporter suggested he shout “Come on, Brandon” to cheer the driver up. But what he was saying became clear: “F—- Joe Biden.”

Since that sports broadcast, right-wing extremists have embraced the newscaster’s euphoria, reciting the phrase on public displays of Biden and on banners that read “Let’s Go, Brandon.” “When the President’s convoy was passing through their cities.

At Southwest Airlines, the phrase was also chanted by airline employees at a protest against the company’s vaccination mandate for all employees, a requirement in response to the Biden administration’s policy that all contractors Employees will be fully vaccinated by the federal government on December 8. .

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