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Home » Parents react after controversial photos surface from ‘man pageant’ at Kentucky high school

Parents react after controversial photos surface from ‘man pageant’ at Kentucky high school

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Hazard, KY (Law 18) — An investigation has been ordered after controversial photos of an event at Hazard High School sparked outrage.

As part of the retreat from the weekly activities, Tuesday was considered “Man of the Show”. Many of the photos were posted and later launched on the Hazzard High School athletic page. Students look in their pockets, showing faculty and staff in scantily clad dancing.

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The stakes are ugly for New York / Facebook

Other students dressed in “Hooters” costumes and students and staff pointed out that they would slap or slap each other.

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The stakes are ugly for New York / Facebook

Photos from the event are posted on the Hazard High School Athletics Facebook page.

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The stakes are ugly for New York / Facebook

Many parents have turned to social media to overcome their frustrations. “As a mother, I would not want my son to be involved in such activities,” a woman told Dharma18. Another woman said that her representation is not who she is and that she finds it “distorted in many ways”.

One of the men in the photo shot was Donald “Happy” Mobilini of Hazzard High School. There is an even bigger difference.

The Kentucky Department of Education says it is aware of the incident and has contacted the superintendent.

“Under state law, officers have a responsibility to report any instances of educator misconduct to the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB),” KDE said in a statement. “If an accredited research institution is suspected of violating the Kentucky Educator Code of Ethics, it must report it to the EPSB. Here is a link to the Code of Conduct, as explained: 16 KAR 1:020 ;

“If a state citizen believes that an educator has violated the Kentucky Code of Ethics as a certified educator, he or she may also effect a written complaint with EPSB via email. [email protected]”

Dangerous Mom Gina Smith has children in school and a family member in the school district.

He says that this issue should be a descent moment, and I felt that putting mature students.

“I think putting them in that place,” he said, “hey, I know it was a joke. But come on. It’s stupid,” Cicero said.

Mom Holly Lane disagrees.

“Layne,” he said, “has been completely taken out of context. “Only pictures were shown on the Internet, no video. Pictures don’t teach teachers how to drive.

Her son Lane and friends attended the event.

He says pushing the boundaries and making fun of the humiliating part of the teacher.

“If I’m all over, I’ll say yeah, maybe I need to think about something,” Lane said. “But as long as someone can come back in a week and try to do something different instead of being a teenager, then I’ll keep talking to my kids.

“I think you would think about it, yes, kids should be kids, and they should be allowed to have fun,” Cicero said. Dancing in your lap? what baby…

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