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Outriders: Ranking the 4 classes from best to worst

Outriders is anything but a traditional RPG, but it has some basics like system classes.

The hardest choice for most players starting roleplaying is which class to choose. There are four different classes of Outriders to choose from, all with different sets of skills and abilities.

Outriders have four classes: Technomancer, Pyromancer, Trickster and Devastator. While players certainly have personal preferences, there are obviously things that make some of these classes better than others.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author.

Rank the four classes of Outriders from best to worst.

Best: Trickster

Photo via PeopleCanFly
Photo via PeopleCanFly

The Trickster class in Outriders gives players a hit-and-run style with the ability to warp space and time. It works great for solo players or someone with a partner, making it the best class in the game.

Cheats can kill enemies, disappear instantly, and even heal defeated enemies. Using Temporal Blade can be slow and disruptive, Hunt the Fairy allows for fast teleportation, and more upgrades easily make it very dangerous.

Solid: Destructive

Photo via PeopleCanFly
Photo via PeopleCanFly

The Devastator is right behind the Trickster in terms of the best outriders classes because it works for players in almost any situation. A Destroyer is a defensive master who doesn’t let the enemy pass without a fight.

Earthquake is an attack that stops and deals damage to all enemies in the area. Reflect Bullet sends bullets back at enemies, and there are many armor-focusing options for this armored class.

Well: Technomancer

Photo via PeopleCanFly
Photo via PeopleCanFly

The Technomancer class is a great support in Outriders. Unfortunately, the game is more suited to nearby players. Setting up the dome and sending out other gadgets is great, but not very useful.

With proximity to mine, crew bridge and missile pan launcher, the Technomancer has some really cool features. It was just overshadowed by the other two classes above it in the list.

Worst: Pyromancer

Photo via PeopleCanFly
Photo via PeopleCanFly

Pyromancer is probably the best class among Outriders however, cool is not always the best. There is nothing better than the ability to control fire. Pyromancer simply does not consider other skills.

Pyromaniacs are there to control the flames of the battlefield. Once they needed cooling, they were convicted without cover. Healing requires kills with these skills, and the Pyromancer is quite fragile when it comes to getting success.

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