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Oura Ring 3 brings even better sleep tracking, women’s health features, and more

Hero images for AuraRing Generation 3 are available in Silver, Gold, Stealth and Black.


  • Aura has launched the Aura Ring Generation 3, currently starting at $299.
  • A new $5.99/month Oura membership gives users access to the Oura app and is required to take advantage of Gen 3 color.
  • The latest ring features upgraded activity tracking, improved sleep tracking and menstrual cycle prediction.

The Oura Ring team focuses on actionable wellness data with the launch of Oura Ring Gen 3. Aura Team introduced monthly membership fees for the first time.

What’s new in AuraRing Gen 3?

A macro image of the AuraRing Generation 3 shows the device's new green LED.

The latest generation of updates includes improvements to sleep, heart rate monitoring and women’s health. A new green LED now monitors heart rate around the clock to help users identify responses to exercise, stress and daily activities. Gen 3 also provides real-time heart rate readings and recovery time readings to help users know when to rest.

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In terms of women’s health, the AuraRing 3rd Generation Period Predictor notifies users 30 days in advance and 6 days in advance when they expect their next period to start. To do this, the device uses body temperature readings collected by new advanced sensors. These research-grade sensors may also prove useful in predicting emerging diseases. Although not available at launch, the Overa Ring offers 3 enhancements. Sleep tracking, an impressive feat, as the Aura 2 already had some good stats in that department. From 2022, the device will be a blood oxygenator that provides users with more accurate data about their sleep quality during sleep.

According to Aura, the latest ring also offers 32 times more memory than the previous generation. This enhancement allows for more advanced data collection and processing. However, even with the added sensor, users can still expect the same 7-day battery life.

Our membership

Even more amazing than a new feature in Ring is the new Aura membership. New Aura customers must purchase a Gen 3 ring for $300 and pay a monthly subscription fee of $5.99 to view data. This rate includes access to the Oura app, where users can find daily health insights, personalized recommendations, and a library of educational resources. Additionally, users can only access personal data and tracking through the app. Existing Aura customers will receive a lifetime Aura membership. New users who choose to pre-order a 3rd generation ring will receive 6 months free.

Return ceremony

A person wearing golden aura color 3 is picking lime from a tree.

Oura Ring Generation 3 will look familiar. All upgrades are kept in the same design as Gen 2. Yet a lightweight, waterproof titanium band that melts into your everyday life like an essential piece of jewelry. As before, customers can choose between Silver, Black, Stealth or Gold. Among the fitness features returning to the third-generation Ring are alertness, sleep and activity scores. The new device also maintains…

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