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Home » Officials: Man charged in fatal speed racing crash near 76th and Silver Spring had suspended license

Officials: Man charged in fatal speed racing crash near 76th and Silver Spring had suspended license

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MILWAUKEE (CBS58) – A 25-year-old Rome man is charged in connection with a crash that killed two people.

The accident took place on the 76th day of Spring and Silver, or August 15th. Drag racing as the driver between the two, identified by authorities as 25-year-old Michael Howard, struck the other vehicle, killing both men. .

The traffic speed limit on 76th Street is over 35. And the driver’s complaints and told Howard and many other things while traveling, he says, there are more than 80 witnesses.

Many authorities and witnesses reported the red sedan racing since the money, and sedan people. A witness, an off-duty firefighter, saw two cars cross traffic lanes, cross the parking lane, and cut off other motorists. The off-duty criminal complaint said her daughter, a firefighter, made comments to the two horsemen “to kill somebody.”

According to investigators, Howard admitted he was driving a silver and red Endless racing car on Aug. 15. Travel evenly north on 76th Street and travel at a speed estimated at about 70 miles per hour, Howard said. Howard, as stated above, when he approached the Spring Silver intersection and saw the car begin to turn east and to believe that it was El. Howard said that the plan didn’t fail that no other car could do it so quickly, and it crashed. .

The medical examiner’s office identified one of the victims in Rome more than 21 years ago, Daniel Jefferson in Rome. My mother said that her daughter was attending Jefferson so she took the child into her care at the time of the accident.

Another victim of the family — a 66-year-old man in San Antonio — has been located, according to the ME office. The family has to reveal their true identity, the authorities are not taking mercy from them.

Howard was charged with:

  • Child neglect in the second degree (two)
  • Driving a motor vehicle while knowingly suspended – killed (two)

Howard’s court suspended the story’s license. He was convicted in 2017 of three suspended operations in 2021. Since 2017, has been injured and sped on six occasions.

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