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NXT TakeOver 36 preview: WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov II

Biting after beating after ear piercing causing twitching.

Walter’s signature and frankly brutal punches destroyed Ilya Dragunov during their first meeting for the NXT UK Championship, but the physical damage was nothing compared to the brutal blow to Dragunov’s spirit.

Walter, who has held the title for more than two years, has been replaced since Draganov was nearly ousted.

The already stunned contestants lost all ability to control their emotions, often breaking down in the middle of their matches, continuing to abuse opponents after the call, and even being aggressive towards NXT UK officials. Accepts.

Meanwhile, Walter continued on his way, successfully defending his title against the likes of A-Kid and Rampage Brown. And after Draganov defeated Joe Coffey and Braun in a crazy triple threat match, everything was set for his comeback fight with Walter.

At a tense press conference for the July 15 release of NXT, Draganov expressed his respect for Walter as a competitor, but also expressed his passionate hatred of The Ring General, stating that the NXT UK Champion “deliberately broke something inside me.”

Although Walter vs. Draganov II was originally scheduled for July 22, the Austrian Anomaly suffered an arm injury during a backstage brawl with The Mad Russian a week prior following the press conference, resulting in the title match being held on August 36 at NXT Tech. Pushed back into the over. 22.

Thus, the WWE Universe was forced to wait a little longer for the most anticipated rematch in NXT UK history, but with the brutality we witnessed in the first championship fight, the champion and the challenger were Given the unrelenting contempt shown by Secondly, we should all have a lot of fun at NXT TakeOver 36.

Watch out for what promises to be a title fight not for the faint of heart, but for the awesome as Walter defends his NXT UK title against Dragunov at Takeover 36 Live on Sunday, August 22nd at 8/7c on The Peacock in America. defends States and WWE are everywhere!

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