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NoPixel admin reveals monthly costs for the GTA RP servers

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GTA RP servers aren’t cheap, at least it was recently discovered by a NoPixel administrator.

It is important to distinguish that NoPixel does not represent GTA RP as a whole, but it is still the most popular among the crowd. However, it is important to know how much GTA RP server owners cost.

After all, most players play on servers without paying anything. Sure, there are donors, but it’s safe to say that most players spend technical resources that cost the people who service the servers real money.

It’s unknown if it will ever cost people to play on these GTA RP servers if the cost gets too high, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue right now. Still, it’s interesting for GTA RP server hosts to try to find out this kind of information. $10K a month for server maintenance isn’t cheap, and it goes without saying that NoPixel still needs more money to develop.

NoPixel Administrator shows monthly charges for GTA RP servers.

Image via Scribs (Twitter)
Image via Scribs (Twitter)

As mentioned earlier, NoPixel costs around $10,000 per month. This information is according to Arachni, a partner of Quill, who is helping to launch a GTA RP server known as NoPixel. Predictably, this type of information is only relevant to NoPixel. Considering that NoPixel is the most popular server overall, it’s safe to assume that GTA RP is generally cheaper than other servers.

Discoveries of Arachne

It’s not just $10,000 a month for NoPixel. As Arachne pointed out in her tweet, they also pay developers for their hard work, which makes something like NoPixel an expensive investment. While there is no specific amount listed for developers, it’s safe to say that it won’t be cheap given the technical aspects of programming.

Predictably, not everyone will believe their claims about server costs. Arachnea provides proof of their payoffs, but it begs the question of how sustainable GTA RP is.

GTA RP currently

Image via SteamCharts
Image via SteamCharts

At the moment, GTA RP is on top of the world, so spending that much might be justified. How ridiculous it would be to spend on it if its popularity ever wanes. Fortunately, there are cheap server options, so it would be incredible for NoPixel to die completely due to sheer incompetence.

Again, it’s worth noting…

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