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New Trend Has People Singing Rap Songs on Top of Strangers’ Graves

TikTok users are a threat to society. I refused to download the app.

Having the Chinese Communist Party among the Latin American drug cartels is bad enough, but the popular social media platform also has a cavalcade of meaningless, so-called “influencers” that spew superficial nonsense.

Now, the dreaded plague of influencers has made its way to cemeteries across the country, because those influencers have, for whatever reason, decided that famous dead people need to “hear” modern rap songs. .

According to Insider, a small trend seems to have started with user @yungsmiley1, whose account no longer exists. However, the rapper has a Twitter post that says “Socks! 2” in front of legendary author Mark Twain’s grave.

Trend Maker:

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However, 24-year-old Benjamin Raab, who goes by the name @theboyraabit01 on TikTok, actually joined Soulja Boy’s performance of “Rick and Morty” in front of his claimed grave of the country’s 28th president, Woodrow Wilson.

Raab was 24 years old. Shouldn’t he have a job?

While it would be nice to have an African-American man “perform” the paradox of a Soulja Boy song at the grave of the most racist president in American history, there’s no point in any of that nonsense — and Is this Woodrow Wilson’s grave?

Do you use TikTok?

it’s fine. The grave is in Michigan. Burial took place at the Washington National Cathedral in the nation’s capital. The Michigan cemetery belongs to another man named Wilson.

Although my personal preference is to never give too many clicks to TikTok, it is my duty to provide as much information as possible to the readers, so here it is. Brace yourself for 12 seconds of pain:

@theboyraabit01@souljaboytv #Souljaboy #souljaboytv #souljaboytellem♬ Original Sound – TheyCallMeBen4

The video has been liked or shared millions of times, and now other TikTok users are doing the same, which is also integrated with Insider.


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Someone made a video at the grave of Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis. Another performed in front of a houseplant. A third group decided about the ruins of the city of Pompeii that “Rick and Morty” needed to hear too.

I love seeing cemeteries and ruins of ancient sites.

I love the history and past stories inside me. Visiting a cemetery is always a touching and solemn experience for me, and regardless of what mistakes someone has made or what crimes they have committed, I think even the slightest bit of respect for the dead should be respected. Demanding makes no sense.

Let me repeat: What is…

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