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Home » New Stanton Drug Bust Turns Up More Than $1 Million Worth Of Cocaine And Heroin

New Stanton Drug Bust Turns Up More Than $1 Million Worth Of Cocaine And Heroin

NEW STANTON, PA (KDKA) – More than $1 million worth of drugs in the New Emperor image turned into mainstream heroin, according to police.

State police say they saw horses around in what I thought was unusual activity. Guide to the fact that the image of a great man calls himself and unsuspecting is a drug.

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(Photo credit: KDKA)

According to investigators, the photo in a parking lot, and almost led to the arrest of the bottom of the hotel.

“We found a large amount of heroin, 300 kilos of heroin, many bricks of cocaine,” said Trooper Stephen Limani.

In the sky allegedly, and saw a car pull up to the side door on the street near Office Night Fairfield June. A woman also exited the building and Carr threw a duffle bag.

“Front row to watch the drug deal go down,” Limani said.

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to park the car, and the horsemen, following him, it is the lamb that carries the lot from which the male, walking, or I do not know, both started from the unknown car, and got out.

He was taken into custody and questioned and with the assistance of a K-9, troopers allegedly found contraband. But since such a war has never seen a suspected medical bag, was allowed to go.

After the search warrant in hand, Fairfield Inn, police for 27 years, Jah Zhanee room of Sutton Pittsburgh.

“When the door opened, and it was reported that there was illegal drug activity,” Limani said.

More news. Cleanup efforts continue rapidly after storms, tree and stress damage.

Sutton was taken into custody and charged with multiple counts of illegal drug possession.

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