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Home » New NFL International Map May Appear to Short China, But Closer Look Reveals League Did a Big Favor for Them

New NFL International Map May Appear to Short China, But Closer Look Reveals League Did a Big Favor for Them

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In a complete nod to China, the National Football League includes Taiwan as part of China on its map of countries where the NFL markets itself overseas.

The NFL announced Wednesday that 18 teams have exclusive marketing rights in 26 so-called International Home Marketing Areas, according to an NFL release.

“The NFL craze is starting to take off in our clubs,” said Christopher Halpin, NFL executive vice president, chief strategy and growth officer. “This important initiative enables NFL teams to build meaningful, direct relationships with NFL fans overseas, increasing fan growth and passion around the world. We are putting club proposals on board in the early stages of this application. are delighted with the numbers, creativity and level of commitment and hope that the teams will begin their efforts early next year.

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The new NFL international map may appear in short chains, but a closer look shows the league a big favor for them.

China is one of two countries that will be home to international fans for the Los Angeles Rams.

But what has drawn more attention is not which teams will now include foreign fans, but the NFL’s decision to respond to China’s wishes by making Taiwan part of China.

In 1949, the Chinese Nationalist government took refuge on an island just off the coast of China – then called Formosa – after defeating Mao Zedong’s revolution. Chinese Communist leaders consider Taiwan a proper part of their territory. In recent months they have sharply increased diplomatic and military pressure on the independent island, which has historically maintained its independence largely due to military aid from countries such as the United States.

Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, was among those who said the NFL was willing to serve China for money.


Kamala Staff stopped the interview after a tough question, but the host didn’t buy it for a second.

When Fox News asked the NFL why the Democratic Republic of Taiwan was labeled the red color of Community China, it…

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