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Home » NBA 2K22 Free Spirit clothing quest: Which clothing items to buy from affiliate stores to complete Meet the Designers quest?

NBA 2K22 Free Spirit clothing quest: Which clothing items to buy from affiliate stores to complete Meet the Designers quest?

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The second season of NBA 2K22 included a variety of new activities, rewards, and challenges, as well as player packages. These are the most important aspects to consider when deciding whether or not to spend a significant amount of time grinding resources. In NBA 2K22, a number of off-field elements have been added to the MyCareer mode, which plays an important role in allowing players to advance in the game. These new elements have been included as part of the game’s expansion.

“Meet the designers, Carlos, Sarah, Sasha, and Andrew – Fashion Quest” is one of these tasks connected to the personal gaming brand MyPlayer.

The challenges that are part of the aforementioned quest are not particularly difficult and require players to purchase specific items of clothing from the in-game stores that are associated with those items. Nevertheless, one of the tasks requires players to purchase clothing with the “Free Spirit” label. This led to confusion among players because there was no obvious separation between the different types of clothing that players needed to purchase. In this article, we will cover everything that you require to know in order to complete a particular quest.

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NBA 2K22 MyPlayer: How to Buy Free Spirit Clothes?

Since its launch on September 10th, NBA 2K22 has been plagued by a variety of bugs, server issues, and other malfunctions in the few weeks that have passed since the game’s initial release. Certain components of the “Meet the Designers” mission did not function properly, but those issues have been fixed in recent patches. However, the majority of players discover that it is challenging to finish the search for Free Spirit clothing, primarily because the game does not provide an explanation of what components comprise Free Spirit clothing.

The task at hand is not particularly difficult despite the fact that it is not the only quest or challenge that has caused players to be perplexed.

“Free spirit” clothing refers to all items that have a specific megaphone / bulhorn sign next to them, and when a player visits their affiliate store, they will see this sign next to the items. Therefore, once players arrive at the connected store, the only thing they need to do is purchase items that have a particular sign next to them. They should now have everything they need to finish the quest and receive their reward. The only thing that comes to mind as a possible cause of confusion is the demarcation within the game that NBA 2K22 did not explain in its entirety. At least, that’s what I think.

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Buying things that have a bullhorn sign next to them is a simple solution that could win the whole challenge. All of the information that NBA 2K22 players require to successfully complete the aforementioned challenge has been provided above.

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