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Home » My Pillow’s Mike Lindell panics on air when he realizes it’s a prank caller and not Trump on phone

My Pillow’s Mike Lindell panics on air when he realizes it’s a prank caller and not Trump on phone

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Today’s best TV comedy doesn’t come from a major network or streaming service.

No one who watches TV listings can see a deeply funny program because its humor is unintentional and not found in the television comedy sections of listings.

Instead, this burst of laughter can be found as part of a 48-hour streaming event hosted by My Pillow CEO and Trump conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell to promote his new social media platform, Frank. was – a service that has missed its predicted launch date and is running. due to technical difficulties.

Frank is meant to be a platform where conservatives can freely publish unrelated conspiracy theories regarding allegedly stolen elections, microchips designed by Bill Gates that allegedly contain COVID, Jewish space. Spread vaccines about ships, or any other nonsense beliefs that can get them booted from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media giants.

No one accused Mr. Lindell, who became famous for his famous pillow after starring in his ubiquitous infomercials, of being an intellectual giant.

The admitted ex-crack addict is known as a staunch supporter of disgraced former President Donald Trump who, in addition to selling a slew of fiber-filled pillows as a sleep miracle, as a cure for COVID-19. Tried to sell extracts of the poisonous oleander plant. .

Their hilarious attempts to promote their new social media adventure with a 48-hour “Frank-a-thon” were undermined by the decision to broadcast callers live to talk about the new service. reached and how cancellation can be properly avoided. Refusing to censor our users in addition to prohibiting profanity.

The issues became clear that many callers were not conservative true believers, but internet trolls decided to punk the public lawn during a botched telethon.

The results are some of the funniest video clips you’ll see all week.

The look on Lindell’s face lights up when he thinks he’s about to talk to Donald Trump, but it’s more than just the importance of entertainment that replaces him when the pillow salesman finds out. He is in touch. A special imitation.

Hopefully, for Lindell’s sake, he hasn’t invested his entire fortune in this new social media adventure just yet.

It’s a business venture that, given the early marketing efforts and technical shortcomings, no amount of pillow sales can be written off.

Still at least 48 hours away, Frank-A-Thon is helping fill the void for new TV comedies during this pandemic-stricken television era.

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