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My Hero Academia: 10 youngest students from class 1-A

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My Hero Academia is a popular anime and manga series that is considered one of the most popular shounen series of the year. Manga readers have had a series of eventful weeks as some chapters have revealed some important details that have been kept under wraps since the show began.

The show is quite popular because of the character designs and the chemistry seen during the interactions. Here are some of the youngest students in Class 1-A. My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia 1-A class of youngest students of age

All the students on the list were 15 years old when they first appeared. My Hero Academia. So, the order depends only on the month and day. The list is descending by age.

10) Ida Taenia

//So … I think I might be ready to play the role again. I looked at MHA again and got my music back. Let me know what roleplaying starters you want to see and contact me if you want to make a plan!

This character from My Hero Academia Class 1-A representative and one of the most valuable individuals in the series. He was inspired by his elder brother and decided to become a hero who would try to protect those around him.

Date of Birth: 22nd August

9) Yaoyorozu Momo

One of the most beloved characters among fans My Brave Academy, Momo was born on September 23. She is also the president of Class 1-A, who has shown her fighting skills during tests and missions.

His creation allows him to create inanimate objects using the fat cells in his body. This, combined with his intellect, makes him a formidable hero, capable of defeating enemies with ease.

Date of Birth: 23 September

8) Minetta Minoro

Reasons why your favorite hero in My Hero Academia should be Mineta Minoru. nit

Mineta Minoru may not be the best when it comes to fighting, but he has a lot of control over his will. He can use his pop-off balls which are small and extremely sticky, and he can also use manita to gain height. He is one of the sources of comic relief. My Hero Academia.

Date of Birth: 8 October

7) Kirishima Ejiro

My Hero Academia fan favorite is a character who is stormy and loves the concept of masculinity. His stubbornness makes him a tough opponent to deal with. He may not be the smartest in the class, but his mental strength is unparalleled.

Date of Birth: 16 October

6) Fumikage Tokoyami

Fumikage Tokoyami
Fumikage Tokoyami

Compared to Charisma and her other classmates, Fumikaj is quite gentle and serious about any task assigned to her. Its strange, dark shade, allows it to…

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