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Home » Moment (M)Force case and accessories review: MagSafe comes to your Galaxy S21

Moment (M)Force case and accessories review: MagSafe comes to your Galaxy S21

MagSafe was one of the notable new features of the iPhone 12 lineup and something I immediately wanted on my phone. Thankfully, there are already several options for repurposing your Android phone, and Moment’s (M)Force case may still be the best.

I was using a Mophie snap adapter that had a lot to like for months before I got my hands on the Moment replacement, but it wasn’t perfect. The adhesive that holds the adapter to the phone will collect dust and pocket lint, making it nearly impossible to clean. Thankfully, this moment isn’t a problem with the solution.

M (Force Case)


It’s the best implementation of MagSafe on a non-iPhone I’ve seen and justifies the $50-plus price tag. Because it was designed specifically for the S21, the magnet aligns perfectly with the wireless charging coil inside the phone. The (M)force case is also thin and light, so it’s much less bulky than a phone or snap adapter that needs to be attached to the back of the case.

The magnets aren’t as strong, but the (M)Force still holds my phone securely in every accessory I’ve tried. Naturally, this case is compatible with many of Moment’s best lenses, making it a great option for serious mobile photographers.

Unfortunately, the (M)Force case is only available on select iPhones, the Galaxy S21 series, Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, so if you’re using something else, the Snap Adapter is still the best option.

Quick Buy:

(m) Force Case

Moment Pro Tripod Mount for MagSafe


MOMENT RECOMMENDATION A variety of MagSafe accessories besides the (M)Force Case, include wall and car mounts, but my favorite is the Pro Trapped Mount. It is sold in three variants. Basic mount without cold shoe attachment; Landscape only; And I’m landscape + portrait mount here.

It is made entirely of aluminum, which gives it a strong and lightweight feel. Setup is easy. Attach it to a tripod, rotate the shoe mount in the correct direction, and then use the magnet to hold the phone in place. I’ve had a chance to use it a couple of times, but so far it hasn’t impressed me. Next time I want to take astrophotography I will use it to attach my phone to a tripod. You can buy a Pro Tripod Mount from Moment for $60.

If you’re interested in a tripod, but don’t worry if Moment doesn’t make an (M)force case for your phone. The Mophie Snap adapter works great with all of Moment’s MagSafe accessories.

Quick Buy:

Pro tripod mount

Moment cold shoe mount for mag safe


If you need to take handheld photos but still need to…

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