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Home » Minecraft streamer GeorgeNotFound does ‘hilarious’ Quackity face reveal on Twitter

Minecraft streamer GeorgeNotFound does ‘hilarious’ Quackity face reveal on Twitter

Twitter has become a fun place to explore for fans who enjoy reading friendly banter between Minecraft streamers. GeorgeNotFound and Quackity are two of Minecraft’s most popular content creators who can be seen numerous times in videos about the hunt for the famous Dreamstreamer.

Quackity has over five million subscribers on YouTube, while George is approaching ten million total subscribers. They both have over four million followers on their main Twitch channels.

Recently, George posted a funny tweet that exposed Quackity’s face. Read on to know more.

Minecraft streamer George Knotfound posted a funny tweet that he revealed. of Quackity Face

Minecraft streamers are known not only on YouTube and Twitch, but also on Twitter. With his millions of fan following, he makes funny tweets from time to time to entertain his fans.

A few hours ago, famous Minecraft star George Knotfound tweeted that he wanted to rig crowd noise. For those who don’t know, Mafia Vote is an event that will be held on October 16th during Minecraft Live 2021. Fans will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite mafia from three options.

Quackity responded to the tweet with a photo of famous American rapper Armand Christian Perez, better known as Pitbull.

George responded with a picture that seems to be non-standard. In the photo, Quackity was standing next to what appears to be a popular streamer, Carl Jacobs.

George is trying to make fun of Quackity’s height by editing the photo so that it looks like Quackity is much shorter than the person he is standing next to in the photo.

Carl Jacobs and Cockati responded to George Not Found’s tweet.

Carl Jacobs himself responded to George’s reply. He said, “It looks like me, but the guy next to me is Quackity!”.

Quackity responded once again with his old photo, but his face was replaced by Lee Jung-jae, a South Korean actor who became world famous after his debut in a popular web series called Squid Game.

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