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Home » “Mind my language”: xQc comes up with bizarre yet hilarious idea to control methane emissions

“Mind my language”: xQc comes up with bizarre yet hilarious idea to control methane emissions

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In a recent live broadcast, Felix “xQc” Lengyel came up with a hilarious idea to control methane emissions on Earth.

During the “I’m Just Chatting” live, xQc watched a video on the pollution of the planet with methane and carbon dioxide (CO2). The narrator explains the difference between CO2 and methane emissions and how they harm the planet.

xQc paused the footage to share an intriguing idea for controlling methane emissions. The streamer then explained his plan to create a “gas mask for whores.”

A cheeky pic to reveal that I’ve changed my hair color (for those who don’t watch the stream). Also, I’m grateful for everyone we’ve been a part of the journey with, and even the people who hated day one. + You tweet often. + RATIO + W

xQc shares a hilariously innovative but impractical plan to save the Earth from methane emissions.

Humans and animals are one of the largest sources of methane pollution on the planet. xQc watched a video explaining the effects of methane and CO2 on the atmosphere. After the narrator explained that methane is mainly produced by animals, xQc offered an interesting idea for controlling emissions:

“Wait, why don’t we, look at my tongue, like we’re not buttoning a whore with a piece of paper?” Like, some kind of gas mask for a whore. Like an ab** plug, but with the mask on. And it will be used to replace the gas. “

The Twitch streamer did not specify whether the current invention is only for animals or humans. Methane emissions are a major cause of global warming on Earth. The average global concentration of the gas is about 1,800 parts per billion, which is equivalent to two cups of water in a pond.

However, methane released directly into the atmosphere has the potential to retain large amounts of heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. Also, methane is converted into CO2 in the atmosphere, which is another major cause of global warming.

As a result, the gas is one of the biggest contributors to global warming today. xQc suggested that its gas masks could convert methane into other less harmful gases. Although his intentions are good, unfortunately this invention is not practical.

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